‘Accusations of violence have torn my family apart’


A Stotfold man has been wrongly branded a ‘perpetrator of domestic violence’ not once, but twice in the last year.

Mr Hyde, 43, has been issued with an apology and a £250 cheque from Central Beds Council after an investigation by a Local Government Ombudsman.

He said: “The damage these rulings have done to me and my family has been terrible. It has torn my family apart and we have separated as a direct result of the distress caused.”

An investigation was carried out after one of his children showed difficult behaviour and a referral was made to Children’s Services to carry out an assessment.

The report by the Ombudsman states: “In the course of the assessment, the social worker referred to information held on its records which was incorrect.”

In the latest investigation, which has only just concluded, a new report states: “The council undertook to place a note on the records in 2014 making it clear the information was incorrect. This is the second time in a short period where the council has used inaccurate information. It is at fault.”

My Hyde added: “After the conclusion of the first investigation I was quite satisfied that my name had been cleared, but to have it all happen again has been awful.

“An apology and a small cheque does not undo all the damage that has been done.”

After the second report the council agreed to apologise, place an alert on the front page of the children’s social care records so that officers are alerted to the status of the information and to meet with Mr Hyde to ‘seek a positive way forward’.

In a letter to Mr Hyde Gerard Jones, Assistant Director of Children’s Services Operations at Central Beds Council, said: “We fully accept the Ombudsman’s findings and enclose a cheque for £250 in recognition of the distress caused to you.

“We also confirm that your case records have been flagged appropriately.”