Add stop-tap to your summer holiday checklist says Anglian Water

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Householders are being given advice on their water supply before setting off on holiday.

Anglian Water is giving customers advice to help them avoid returning home to a leak or funny tasting water from the tap.

Simply turning the water off at the stop-tap before leaving the house for a fortnight means holidaymakers won’t return home to a leak that could cause damage.

Running the taps for a few minutes when you get home will also mean your first cuppa is not made with water that’s been stagnating in your water pipes while you’ve been away.

While very few people think about this before they jet off into the sun, the water company is recommending everyone adds this to the pre-departure checklist and only takes a minute.

Dr Robin Price, Anglian Water’s regional water quality manager, said: “August is when we receive most calls about fusty or stale tasting water, and it’s usually because people have been on holiday for a fortnight, got home and put the kettle on without running the tap.

“Before it gets to your tap, your drinking water is cleaned, disinfected and thoroughly tested. Anglian Water spends millions of pounds and carry out hundreds of thousands of tests every year to make sure the water that reaches our customers is of the very highest standard.

“However, when we go on holiday, any water sitting in our home’s water pipes on the day we leave will still be sitting there when we return, because nobody has been using the taps. In this case, you may notice a fusty or stale taste to the water and it can also be warmer than usual.

“The water is still perfectly safe to drink, but it’s not in the pristine condition we’d all like it to be. So the simple fix to prevent this is let the tap run for a few minutes to flush the fresh water through. You can collect this water in a bowl and use it for washing up or watering the garden so it’s not wasted.

“We would also encourage everyone to get into the habit of turning their water off at the stop-tap before you go on holiday. The main stop tap is usually located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe comes into the home. Adding this to your pre-holiday to-do list could save you coming home to an expensive leak. If the fusty water doesn’t leave a nasty taste in the mouth, that certainly will.”

The same steps apply to holiday homes too, which are likely to be unoccupied for even longer periods of time, especially in the off season.

There are a number of things that can affect the quality of drinking water once it gets into your home. More information and a set of ‘how to’ videos are available at

Customers can also take a tour of an interactive house to understand where domestic water problems may arise.