Alistair Burt retains North East Beds seat with huge majority

MBCH North East Beds election count
MBCH North East Beds election count

Alistair Burt retained his North East Bedfordshire seat in convincing fashion this morning when the General Election results were announced.

Mr Burt received an astonishing 34,891 votes beating Saqib Ali of Labour who received just 9,247 votes in comparison.

Adrianne Smyth of UKIP finished in third with 8,579 votes and Liberal Democrat Peter Morris finished fourth with 3,418 votes.

Mark Bowler of the Green Party finished fifth after receiving 2,537 votes.

Mr Burt said: “I want to thank all of my opponents for the way we have conducted this election in traditional Bedfordshire fashion. We have had strong debates but there has never been any bitterness brought into it.

“I want to thank Saqib Ali particularly who took the Labour voice in North Bedfordshire so assiduously and with a great determination.

“Politics is all about cycles and what goes around comes around nobody should ever be in any doubt about that.

“I want to thank all those who have worked so hard for the Conservative cause.

“It is an honour to be elected, it is an even greater honour to be re-elected.”

The turnout for the election in North East Bedfordshire was 65.9 percent.