Arlesey vigilantes take to the streets to track down persistent intruders

Arlesey residents have been taking to the streets in a hunt for would-be car thieves after  they were captured on CCTV several nights in a row

The opportunists – one of them wearing a balaclava over their face – have been caught trying car doors on the roads and in people’s drives in the early hours of the morning.

Early on Thursday morning some residents decided to track them.

One said on social media: “wonder if he’ll head down the railway line towards the middle of the High Street – two car loads of us out on the lookout for him now.”

Another said: “If anyone is up for a drive around Arlesey at night, I’m in.”

CCTV footage from Arlesey has shown hooded figures trying car doors throughout the town every night since Monday.

One of the intruders

One of the intruders

In some of the footage one is wearing a balaclava, while other footage shows a person with a hood and rucksack.

One woman, whose footage shows them trying several of her cars, says she has spoken to people from Fairfield, Henlow and as far as Gamlingay, who are also suffering from the intrusions.

Some people have reported items stolen from cars.

“It’s scary,” she said. “It’s an invasion of our property. Luckily our cars were locked.

One of the intruders

One of the intruders

“They seemed to know what they were doing, they weren’t afraid of what they were doing.

“It was just by chance we found out when we saw the front gate open.

“My partner looked on the CCTV and just saw a male or female looking round the cars.

“We didn’t realise then they had been all round the town.

“There are no police on the streets. PCSOs used to walk around but we don’t have anything like that now.

“Even if you call them no-one comes out.”

Several people say they have contacted police over the incidents.

A police spokesman said they are not aware of any reports.

“We would always urge people to report even attempted offences to us. It helps build the bigger picture and bolster the intelligence held,” they said.