Babyballet founder nominated for business award

Lauren Adams at Babyballet class in Biggleswade.
Lauren Adams at Babyballet class in Biggleswade.

A dancer who started ballet classes for tots has been nominated for an award.

Lauren Adams launched Babyballet in Biggleswade last year and now teaches more than 100 little stars at sessions in the Saxon Centre, Kings Reach Community Centre and the Weatherley Centre.

Known as Miss Lauren to her pupils, she has been nominated for the Bedfordshire Business Women Awards and selected as a finalist for the Self-Employed Business Woman of the Year.

Lauren said: “It’s a huge honour and great for all women thinking of starting up their own business.

“I was a first time mum with a little one less than a year old when I decided to become a business woman and start up a new business in Biggleswade. Since then, I now teach over 100 little stars which I absolutely love and have been chosen as a finalist for such a prestigious award.

“It would be great to help inspire other new mums who are worried about returning to work after having a little one as well as women in general who are thinking about opening their own business.

“Since starting at the end of April last year we’ve met some beautiful little dancers as young as six months old ranging up to four years old. There are definitely some stars in the making at babyballet Biggleswade!”

Lauren has also won praise herself from Scott Mckenzie, who she worked with on Billy Elliot and is now training at The Royal Ballet School.

He said: “Ballet to me isn’t just something that I do for fun. It has taken over my life and become a way of expressing myself in a way that you can’t do with words.

“Sharing what I love to do with audiences is the most rewarding experience as I know that they feel what I feel and they are very appreciative of the hard work and effort that goes into pushing myself to the limit every day.

“To hear the audience applaud makes all of the hard work worth it. Working with Miss Lauren was incredible in Billy Elliot as she was the kindest person and always kept the motivation going and never had any doubt in the performers. That is something I really admire because it takes someone to believe in you for you to believe in yourself.”

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The awards ceremony is being held on Thursday, January 21 in Cardington.