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Birch class at Gothic Mede Academy, Arlesey.
Birch class at Gothic Mede Academy, Arlesey.

Parents of students at Gothic Mede Academy in Arlesey went back to school when they attended their children’s maths lessons.

All year groups took part and parents sat with their children in the maths lessons at the end of the half term so they could learn about the various activities and methods of mathematics that the children are learning.

Willow class at Gothic Mede Academy

Willow class at Gothic Mede Academy

The purpose of the visits was to help parents understand what their children are learning and how the learning is being delivered so that they are better placed to be able to help their sons and daughters with their learning at home.

This is just one of the many initiatives that the school uses to ensure that there is a strong connection between home and school and that parents are fully informed and involved in their children’s learning.

Principal Thomas Clarke said: “It’s been fantastic to have the parents and carers in school. We recognise the immense contribution that they can make to their children’s learning and it’s great to have the opportunity to share what we do in class and show how we support learning in maths. A lot has changed since we were at school!”

Michael Warlow, teacher of Birch class, added: “It is always a pleasure to welcome parents and carers into the classroom. The children are so proud of their learning and exceptionally keen to share their ever-growing skills and knowledge.”

Year 4 student, Kayden Forest, said: “I was really excited to have my mum join us. It was great to have the opportunity to share our learning with her.”

Parental feedback from the sessions was immensely positive and there were a number of comments about the excellent quality of teaching they observed.

The school surveyed the parents afterwards and one said: “I was able to watch how maths was taught to both my children in reception and year 1. This enables me to adopt a similar method whilst doing homework at home, therefore providing a consistent method for my children hopefully making the learning easier for my children.”

Another said: “I have always loved these opportunities and find them very helpful. When doing homework I can now show her the way you do it at school so I won’t confuse her showing her the way I would have done it at school.”