Biggleswade craft club knits emergency pouches for orphaned joeys

Creative craft heroes from Biggleswade have stitched colourful pouches to help baby animals rescued from Australia’s bushfires.

Members of Biggleswade Baptist Church Craft Club have crocheted and sewed the items for Babbajin Wildlife Park after hearing about the devastating blazes that have killed an estimated one billion animals.

The club; Andy and a joey; baby being fed.

The club; Andy and a joey; baby being fed.

The ladies had previously been making baubles and other festive goodies, but after seeing so many heartbreaking news stories over Christmas, they knew they had to take action. Club member Hazel Newhouse, said: 
“The animals have been taken from the fire and some have burns and smoke inhalation, so they go in the pouches while they recover.

“One of the ladies has a friend called Andy Bond, who lives in Melbourne and works as a keeper at Babbajin, so we decided to help and she put him on camera.”

The pouches can help young wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, bandicoots, gliders or possums; they need to be kept warm and comfortable and some are orphans.

Hazel added: “When we held the video call everyone was so excited.

“There we were in a church in Biggleswade talking to a guy on the front line. It was quite an emotional moment for Andy to know that they are not on their own and have support from our little old town.”

The ladies stitched 30 pouch linings, while Hazel crocheted all the covers. (The linings are so the animals don’t get get their claws stuck in the wool).

Hazel says that the knitting patterns and other ideas (such as mittens for koalas) are available if you search online.

She would also like to say a special thank you to the craft club for helping her through a difficult time in the past. a

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