Biggleswade recycling centre to close until the New Year for site upgrade

The temporary closure of the recycling centre is causing concerns over fly tipping
The temporary closure of the recycling centre is causing concerns over fly tipping

Biggleswade household waste recycling centre will close during the summer until the new year for an upgrade of the site.

It means people will have to travel to either Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard or Ampthill to get rid of their recycling.

Central Beds Council have been contacted and will be releasing a comment soon.

Residents have reacted angrily on our Facebook page with many outraged by the decision.

Dave Thompson said: “It will mean most recyclables will go to landfill, who in their right mind would travel those distances? How about using the land opposite the site to set up a temporary centre, otherwise flytipping will increase!”

Rick Lankshear said: “It certainly needs an upgrade and maybe re organising as most of the land is empty space needs more parking spaces to save queing up to sainsburys but with ampthill being our nearest it’s a 40-mile round trip!”

There are also concerns about the potential increase of fly tipping because of the closure.

Donna Marie Carter said: “Definitely needs an upgrade, but I can bet there will be increase of flytipping, especially the busiest time of the year. Maybe wait till quieter months?”

Bev Harrison added: “Crazy to do it at this time of year when most people have a good clear out of sheds etc. I agree it could lead to more fly tipping. I am lucky, as live quite near to Letchworth. Should have planned to close maybe November time, but maybe they worried bad weather would hinder work/time scale?”

Richard Jones said: “Damned disgusting, lets see how much fly tipping increases during that period. With a little bit of foresight and planning, I’m sure that other arrangements could be made.”

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