Breakfast club to start at Henlow


Henlow Academy pupils will have the opportunity to start their school day earlier in 2015, with a brand new Breakfast Club, being run from January 6 in school.

Initially free, until full uptake is ascertained, the club will be supervised by teaching assistant Mr McGee, who is looking forward to breakfasting with pupils, reading, listening to music, chatting and enjoying a bright start to the day from 8am.

He said: “Breakfast is such an important part of the day and sometimes parents need the opportunity and flexibility to drop off their children at school a little bit earlier.

“I work with lots of different children at Henlow, and they are all looking forward to coming into school that little bit earlier to prepare themselves for the school day.”

Headteacher Caren Earp is delighted that there is so much interest in a Breakfast Club. She said: “With most of our pupils making use of public transport to come into school, we have not had much demand for a Breakfast Club thus far.

“However, in response to several parental requests for their children to come into school a little bit earlier, we felt that a Breakfast Club was the best and safest approach for our pupils.”