Bridge now open for business

editorial image

There were sighs of relief all round as Biggleswade’s beleaguered rail bridge opened for business again at the weekend.

Originally planned to be open by Easter, frequent storms and bad weather have repeatedly put the work back.

The bridge over the rail line had been closed in December with plans to replace it with a new structure. It meant long detours for people cut off from parts of the town and businesses say they suffered a loss of trade.

On Christmas Day Storm Eva swept in, which called a halt to scheduled works planned to be carried out during the quiet holiday season.

And the weather continued to have an impact and caused frustration. It even sparked its own hilarious video, based on the film Downfall, on Hitler’s last days in the bunker in 1945.

Resident Alisdair Anderson has been chronicling the work on the bridge and above is one of his last pictures before its reopening.