Broadband by the end of March for King’s Reach

King's Reach superfast broadband is finally on the way
King's Reach superfast broadband is finally on the way

Superfast broadband appears to finally be on the way for King’s Reach residents in Biggleswade.

There has been numerous delays to the installation of the broadband but BT is hopeful that the service will be up and running by the end of March.

A wrongly located box has been moved and copper and fibre is being laid down by workmen.

Biggleswade councillor Bernard Rix, who has been trying his hardest to rectify the situation along with MP Alastair Burt and officials from BT, is satisfied with the results.

He said: “It’s been a long time in coming, but there are real signs now that the ‘Better Broadband’ campaign is having the desired effect.

“There’s been a great community effort to apply pressure to get this fixed.

“The signs are that King’s Reach will have the infrastructure in place for significantly faster broadband within the next couple of months.”

Annette Thorpe, BT Regional Partnership Director, recently attended a meeting with Councillor Rix and Mr Burt and assured them the problem was now ‘visible at Director level within BT Group and Openreach’.

Broadband speeds in the area currently reach a maximum of about 1.7Mb when the national average is around 20Mb.

This is causing problems for children who are unable to use the internet for their homework.

Furthermore anyone who relies on having internet access at home as part of their job or business has had issues.

At a public meeting in December local resident Stephen Robinson said: “We basically can’t run our business from where we live because of the slow broadband speeds.

The broadband situation is that bad an eight-year-old who lives on the estate wrote a letter of complaint to BT stating the delays in upgrading to fibre optic internet were ‘unacceptable’.