Broadband for King’s Reach

  • King’s Reach residents in Biggleswade can finally order superfast broadband
  • It comes after four years of campaigning
  • However, there are still some areas which will have to wait a couple more weeks

King’s Reach residents in Biggleswade are finally able to order superfast broadband packages after four years of campaigning.

The Better Biggleswade Broadband campaign has been working with Central Beds Council, BT and King’s Reach residents to try to solve many of the problems with implementing the broadband.

Bernard Rix has liased with all of them and it seems the rewards are now being reaped.

One King’s Reach resident, William Synnott, said: “My line has finally been upgraded and I have now ordered BT fibre, set to be working by May 6!”

A wrongly located box has been moved and copper and fibre has been laid down by workmen to get the broadband up and running.

Broadband speeds in the area currently reach a maximum of about 1.7Mb when the national average is around 20Mb but these speeds should now improve significantly.

However, it isn’t good news for all King’s Reach residents. BT are still working in the area and those who are located near Cabinet 29 will have to wait another couple of weeks.

Bernard Rix said: “I have been very pleased to support King’s Reach residents’ campaign for better broadband.

“I am delighted that faster speeds appear to be within touching distance now.”