Broadband issues raised in parliament

Superfast Broadband
Superfast Broadband

The King’s Reach broadband saga has been brought up in parliament by North East Beds MP, Alistair Burt.

He spoke about the need for superfast broadband to be considered more when building new areas rather than just improving the speeds in existing ones.

He said: “When talking about linking up the old, we must not forget that we must also deal with linking up the new.

“I pay tribute to that community, which worked incredibly hard, and particularly to Councillor Bernard Rix, who led the work with BT.”

While King’s Reach can expect to have superfast broadband at the beginning of March there are other areas in Chronicle Country which have yet to be given the service.

Independent councillor Adam Zerny is adamant that more needs to be done to provide the service.

He said: “Central Beds may boast about 10,000 new connections but yet there is still no guarantee of superfast broadband for Tempsford, Cockayne Hatley and Eyeworth.

“Still no resolution to the problems with installation in Dunton and still no news on the ongoing tender for a provider. More must be done to connect everyone.”