BT slow to react on fallen telegraph pole


A telegraph pole in Biggleswade has been knocked down leaving surrounding houses with no phone or broadband.

The pole on Langford Road went down on Thursday, December 4 and has yet to be replaced or fixed by BT.

One of the people living in the road is Colin Basset who had a fall as a result of the phones going out.

It is believed the pole was hit by workmen who are currently working on the nearby paths and it now lays across a ditch in the area.

Susan Roberts, sister of Colin, said: “I think it is disgusting. I first phoned BT last week and was told the phone would be re-connected by Friday but nothing happened.

“I was then told they were waiting for approval of two-way traffic lights in order for them to carry out the work. They can’t seem to get their story straight.”

A BT spokesperson said: “We attended the scene to find our pole had been completely knocked out of the ground.

“We have had 11 reported faults from people affected by this incident.

“We have traffic management arranged for Sunday to attend and carry out repairs and replacements and all being well that should restore services to all affected during the day.”