Council plans to tighten up on Biggleswade parking

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Biggleswade Town Council is preparing to tackle some of the town’s parking issues.

It will soon publish new Parking Orders for public consultation.

The Parking Orders apply to Town Council operated off-street car parks.

They cover time limits on stays in the car parks, introduction of charges for more lengthy stays over one hour, and a system of permits for town centre workers and residents. Details of how the permit system will operate, including conditions and charges, will be announced in the coming months.

Town Mayor Michael North said: “The time limitations on parking in Council car parks are not new but the old orders needed to be revised so that they can be properly enforced. We are expecting the changes to come into effect sometime in the first half of 2018”.

The orders include the introduction of charges for parking in Town Council car parks for more than one hour. The first hour remains free of charge. The maximum charge will be £2.50.

A spokesperson for the Town Council said: “It is important to restore proper management of the car parks so that they work as a facility for all residents and visitors. The installation of necessary equipment, the associated service contract and the Town Council administrative service come at substantial cost and the Council decided that at least part of this cost should be passed on to the people using the car parks rather than being borne by council taxpayers as a whole”.

Enforcement of the parking orders will be carried out through co-operation with Central Bedfordshire Council.