Family hot and cross over item found in bun


A father has spoken of his shock at finding a piece of metal in a hot cross bun being offered to his toddler daughter.

Only the fact that 20-month-old Georgia preferred her mother’s tomato stopped the tot biting into the metal.

Instead her mother Karen took a bite – and found the piece lodged in the bun.

Gerard Gray, from Sandy, complained to the Biggleswade Sainsbury’s store where the buns had been made, but says he was unhappy with their response.

“We were offered a £20 voucher and they said they would be doing an internal report on it,” he said.

“But it was a choking hazard, I wanted to know the result.

“It’s not the money, it’s just lucky my daughter didn’t want a hot cross bun in the end. I’m glad she didn’t want it.

“Their response was a little disappointing, we have been loyal customers for years.”

The couple bought the buns as part of a home delivery from Sainsbury’s this week.

Mr Gray has now complained to Central Beds Council environmental health department

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said the buns were part of a batch cooked on site at the Biggleswade store and they had received no other complaints but will be investigating when they receive the suspect item.

He said: “We’ve been in touch with the customer and apologised for this isolated incident.

“We’ve had no other complaints, and the equipment is being examined by engineers as a precautionary measure.”