Train staff come to the rescue

After all the doom and gloom of the past week there’s a sweet story from Biggleswade train station.

Mandy Wiles and Liam Fitzjohn who work at Biggleswade station were helping an elderly lady off the train as part of a pre-booked assistance when they found out she had lost her bag on the journey.

She mentioned that it had some old photos in there that meant a lot.

She wasn’t bothered about the bag or the purse inside with money, just the fact she had lost the photos and two homemade pork pies that she was very much looking forward to.

Mandy and Liam were apologetic and advised her to check with the property team to see if they could help.

In the meantime they returned to the office and to their complete shock found, in the cupboard, a bag that matched the description of the missing bag for the

It turned out a passenger had found it on the train and handed it in. It had everything inside: photos, purse and those pork pies.

They then had to do some detective work to track down the owner of the bag.

Mandy remembered the lady speaking about a pub her family owned up north, so Liam Googled the pub, got the contact detail and spoke to the lady.

A spokesman said: “She was over the moon and started to cry.

“She was so happy to have her photos back.

“Oh and the lady said they could keep the pork pies …”