Call for more volunteers to join scouting adventure

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A scout group in Chronicle Country is suffering from an unusual problem – it has become too popular!

Henlow Clifton Scout Group has become so popular that it now needs to open two sections for each of its age groups to cope with demand.

It has recently opened a second beaver colony, and is now hoping to add a new scout troop to complement the two cub packs it already has.

Group chairman Jennie Fraser explained: “We seem to have got into a problem where we are so popular we’ve got a waiting list!

“We are having to open up two lots of groups to cope with the demand and we need to get new leaders in.

“Normally you only hear about scout groups when they’re are threatened with closure but we are quite the opposite.

“It’s absolutely brilliant.”

The group is hoping that more people will want to get involved with the adventure by signing up as leaders.

But those worried that they don’t have time to devote to scouting, or don’t fancy wearing a uniform, needn’t worry.

Jennie said: “What we are looking for are individuals who have a passion for, or want to know more about scouting, or helping children have new adventures and experiences. If they could come along every few weeks just to be an extra pair of hands, that would be great.

“If they have a particular skill, like astronomy, that would be great, because currently we would have to take the children to an observatory.

“There’s a lot of admin in scouting, so they could literally support us by doing that, or they could be more hands on. They could be a section leader, which means they don’t have to be an Akela and wear the uniform.”

She added: “There are also a number of complimentary skills they could use in their work place, like leadership skills. There is a whole range of training programmes.

“It can mean a whole lot for them not just with the children, but in transferring those skills to the work place.”

Scout Leader Sarah Panton would mentor any new leaders – but the first step would be a chat to find out what capacity they could help out in.

Sarah has been involved in scouting since her days as a girl guide. She started helping out at Henlow Clifton Scout Group in 2003, becoming Group Scout Leader in 2008.

She said: “I have now been Scout Leader for two years and love passing on my skills and seeing Scouts learn new things. When I help and encourage a Scout to achieve something that they thought they couldn’t do, that look of pride on the Scouts face makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up – that’s why I Scout.”

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