Call to arms over massive housing plan

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Residents of the small village of Sutton are gearing up for a battle over housing plans.

They have launched SWORD – Sutton Will Object to Rural Development, in opposition to the proposed plans of Central Bedfordshire Council, to build nearly 7,000 homes between Biggleswade, Sutton and Dunton.

The Community Group is made up from residents of the village and supporters from beyond the parish boundary.

Sue McClymont, who has lived in the village for 32 years, said: “A development on this scale, so close to Sutton will ruin the rural

landscape, dramatically affect the character of the village and lead to enormous strain on the local roads, other infrastructure and health


“The majority of residents in Sutton are strongly opposed to the Draft Local Plan and are prepared to take action against it.”

The Campaign team is organising an open meeting in Sutton Village Hall on Wednesday 27 September at 8pm. Central Beds. District Councillor Adam Zerny will be at the meeting.

Consultation of the CBC Draft Local Plan closes on August 29.

The proposed developments in Chronicle country are for four villages east of Biggleswade, a market town near Tempsford and 2,000 east of Arlesey.

There are also plans for a business park and employment land.

The proposed developments are on top of what as already been approved in the area. Bu the council say all development is dependent on the corect infrastructure and facilities being in place.

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