Can you help snowy owl Angel fly freely?

Can you help Angel find a field?
Can you help Angel find a field?

My name is Angel and I am a snowy owl. I normally live in the Arctic.

My new home is in Gamlingay and I love the big open spaces here but when I grow up I want to fly high and fast over the fields.

I am in the paper today because I am looking for someone that can help me.

I am looking for a large open field were I can be taught to fly freely. If you can help me please contact


Angel is one of the largest owls in the world. He has a wingspan of approximately five5 feet when fully grown.

Native to the Arctic tundra he can live quite happily in temperatures below -60.

He has exceptional vision and amazing hearing. He can also move his head almost 320 degrees in any direction.

My name is Wayne and I’m a falconer living in Gamlingay.

Me and Angel are the best of friends and he is quite a big bird now even though he is still a baby.

As he grows his feathers will all be completely white. If you would like to come and say hello you are very welcome.