Celebration of black power

Four young winners at Actikarate
Four young winners at Actikarate

Actikarate founder Frank Nezhadpournia was celebrating after four more of his pupils won coveted black belts.

They are Georgia Colebrook, 13, William March, 14, and Jemma Siddle and Abigail Bond, who are both 16.

Frank has produced an impressive two karate internationals and 17 black belts since starting Actikarate 10 years ago to offer young people classes in street self defence.

He said: “What’s notable is that more and more girls are coming to karate, in spite of the public perception that this is male-dominated art.

“In fact they seem to focus more and concentrate better at an early age – indicated by my results – proving discipline, commitment and perseverance really do pay off.”

Frank has survived being knifed twice and has written four books on the subject he has been practising for 33 years.

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