Central Beds councillor tells another candidiate to refrain from standing

Ken Lynch skydiving
Ken Lynch skydiving

A former Central Beds Councillor fighting to retain his seat on Thursday has asked another candidate to refrain from standing in an astonishing email.

Councillor Nigel Aldis of the Liberal Democrats sent the email in March asking independent candidate Ken Lynch to reconsider as it would affect his own chances.

Nigel Aldis

Nigel Aldis

The email from Councillor Aldis to Mr Lynch says ‘I really think you should reconsider the idea – it would adversely affect my slim chances of success – but it is now a very demanding role for the young and fit let alone older people like you and me’.

My Lynch said: “I think it is an absolute disgrace telling me not to stand. I will admit I am old, I am 77 years old, but I am still jumping out of a plane at the end of May and I wouldn’t run if I didn’t think I was up to the job.

“Nigel claims he is my friend but as a politician to do this is a disgrace.”

Mr Lynch has been prominent in public life throughout his life and served on Sandy Town Council for a number of years.

However, Mr Aldis defended the email and said: “I was pointing out the role was far more demanding than that of Mid Beds and there was a lot more to it than just being a community activist.

“We also have been campaigning on the same sorts of issues and I was concerned we might be taking votes away from one another.

“I am surprised he has decided to bring this up right now just days before the election however,”

The election will take place on Thursday, May 7 with the announcement for the winners of Central Beds seats expected on Friday.