Children are progressing well in supportive school, say the Ofsted inspectors

A lower school has been graded as ‘good’ by inspectors.

Ofsted have said that Lawnside Lower School in Biggleswade is doing well.

The report states: “Most children start school with levels of knowledge and understanding that are below those typically found at this age.

“However, by the time they enter Year 1 the gap with other pupils nationally has narrowed.

“Children leave the school at the end of Year 4 with standards that are, overall, broadly in line with those expected for their age. This represents good progress from pupils’ starting points.”

Progress in maths is good but not as good as in reading and writing. However, the school is addressing this.

Children are taught in a caring and supportive environment. Ofsted said: “The pupils’ spiritual, moral social and cultural education is good.

“They have opportunities to learn about the thoughts and views of others.

“They care for each other and are developing a good understanding of the importance of caring for their environment.

“Classrooms and corridors are bright and welcoming places with high quality displays of work, particularly those that show pupils’ artistic achievements.”

Pupils are well behaved. The headteacher, Carla Goodall, is leading the school well. The report says: “The headteacher has an accurate view of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement.

“She has the full support of staff and governors. Staff are all proud to work at the school and say that they work well together as a team.”

The governors were also commended in the report, which said: “Governors bring a good range of expertise to their role and some are able to visit the school on a regular basis and report back to their colleagues.”

To improve further the school will have to give more challenging work to the most able pupils and mark work in more detail.

Mrs Goodall said: “It really was a team effort. The quality of the teaching was the thing most highlighted in the report and we’re really proud of that because staff have worked very hard – not just the teachers.

“I’m retiring at the end of this term so it was a wonderful way to finish my time as head teacher.

I’d also like to thank the governors. Our chair of governors Clare Neish is leaving as well and she’s been fantastic.

“She’s really worked hard to support us.”