Class of ‘67 reunited for school’s 50th anniversary

Holmemead Reunion
Holmemead Reunion

Former school pals were reunited and friendships renewed at a 50th anniversary reunion.

The get-together was held at Holmemead School, Biggleswade, and saw classmates meet for the first time since the last one in 2006.

Holmemead reunion - photo from 1970

Holmemead reunion - photo from 1970

The idea for another reunion was formed after a photograph take by the Chronicle, dating from 1970, was put on Facebook by Carole Spencer (Johnson). The picture showed DJs Mick and Caroline Thurlow at the Avenue Youth Club.

Invites went out on social media with Paul Basson organising the event, helped by Melvyn Day.

More than 80 people met up at The liberal Club Biggleswade on Saturday, March 25, with some from Canada, Europe, and others travelling across the country.

Schoolmates of 1967 spent the evening recalling their days at the school in Mead End, along with special guests Mick and Caroline.

Some of the girls met up with one of the teachers, Mrs Bone, earlier in the day, who sent a card and messages of her memories.

Paul Basson presented Mick with a small souvenir and a bottle of champagne to Caroline.

Sue Sheppard organised a raffle in aid of Rethink Mental Illness in memory of her daughter Charlotte and along with donations from all who a total of £431 was raised.

Sue said: “On the evening, after having a quiet time to chat and catch up, the raffle took place, and then we all danced away the rest of the evening to the classic sounds of the 70’s with the Liberal Club’s own classic DJ, Peter Stocker. Special thanks go to the bar staff and the support given by the club’s members, chair Gary Fage and committee as without their help the event would not have been such a success.”