Confusion over legality of Aldi parking tickets

Parking tickets issued by Aldi in Biggleswade may not be legal as a council order dating back to 1991 still exists.

By Luke Gardener
Thursday, 30th July 2015, 4:05 pm
Aldi in Biggleswade on Bonds Lane
Aldi in Biggleswade on Bonds Lane

Biggleswade Town Council previously owned the car park when Budgens occupied the building on Bonds Lane before selling to Aldi.

The supermarket chain enforce parking through a civil order and the use of their own enforcement company but insist they are doing nothing wrong despite a council order still existing.

Biggleswade Town Council Clerk Rob McGregor said: “In researching our archive relating to this parking order I can see that it hasn’t been lifted.”

However Aldi remain defiant and a spokesperson said: “Aldi owns the car park that serves our Biggleswade store and we operate it in compliance with local council orders.

“The car park is made available to both Aldi customers and local shoppers to ensure it is of benefit to the whole town.

“As with many of our sites, the car park has a time restriction.

“This ensures that the site is used appropriately so as many people as possible can use the car park to shop in the town.”

The news isn’t good for Aldi as earlier this year Biggleswade residents expressed their concerns about the fines being issued at the supermarket.

If you are found to stay at the car park for more than 90 minutes you can be faced with a fine of £70.

On the ‘We Love Biggleswade’ Facebook page, Rachel Eastwood-Vaules, said: “The fines in Aldi are issued by a private company and as such are invoices...these tickets are just money grabbing schemes.”