Consultation on market changes in the pipeline

Biggleswade Market
Biggleswade Market

A consultation to take place with market traders and shop keepers has been recommended by the Town Centre Management Committee in Biggleswade.

At a meeting on Tuesday evening it was agreed two proposals would be brought to the next full council meeting.

The first is ‘the current market should be laid out according to the plan presented, with stalls on the Market Square itself and the south side of Market Street, with the stalls facing the shops and pavement. This would open up Market Street and free the parking spaces on the north side of Market Street’.

The second recommendation was ‘that new market stalls be invited to use the top part of Hitchin Street between the Market Square and Bonds Lane if the necessary traffic order is obtained to close that part of Hitchin Street to traffic’.

Councillors debated the best course of action for the market for 45 minutes before voting for the aforementioned proposals but Madeline Russell who chaired the meeting disagreed.

Councillor Russell said: “This proposal came forward from the market superintendent who wants more parking in the town centre to help with their trade so I would be surprised if they were against the idea. I think we should implement a trial.”

However, Councillor Bernard Rix, said: “Emotions run high when it comes to the market square and I am not surprised to hear market traders are against the wholesale move to Hitchin Street. It is important we hold a consultation.”

The proposal ‘to implement a trial of the new market layout for the Market Square at a date to be recommended by the Market Superintendent and Town Clerk; and for a consultation with market users to take place on the first day of the new layout’ was rejected.