Council ‘appalled’ over development work on Shefford schools site

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Both Robert Bloomfield and Shefford Lower school in Shefford have now re-opened after being forced to close following fears over a gas supply.

The schools were closed at the weekend following questions about the gas supply on the site which was being developed.

A spokesman for Central Bedfordshire Council said: “Whilst there have been no signs or reports of any gas leakage in the area, we raised the schools’ concerns with National Grid yesterday (Monday 17 July).

“After a site visit this morning National Grid have confirmed there is no safety issue and the schools re-opened this afternoon and notified parents.

“Whilst this puts an end to the immediate safety concerns we are in contact with the developer who has agreed to stop working on the site until further notice.

“The HSE are visiting the site today in the course of their investigations and we will be cooperating with them fully to ensure the developer follows the proper procedures going forward.

“We are appalled at the blatant disregard this developer has shown for the planning regulations and the impact this has had on the community.

“These regulations are imposed for good reasons including safety and environmental considerations. It is unacceptable that they have been ignored on this occasion.

“We will be considering what action we can take against the developer and we know the HSE are considering this too.”