Banned after chase

The scales of justice
The scales of justice

A regular column featuring cases heard at Luton Magistrates Court

On June 7

> David Flint-Cox aged 21 of Western Way, Sandy, was fined a total of £1,471 and banned from driving for 12 months for driving without due care and attention on Berkeley Close, Biggleswade on July 13.

The court heard when requested to stop by police the defendant had accelerated away towards Station Road. Once at the junction he squeezed past a waiting Vauxhall Corsa to its nearside, mounting the kerb in order to get by. He then turned onto the High Street and contravened a red light traffic signal where there were members of the public waiting to cross. Once past the traffic signal he moved onto the wrong side of the road and passed through a second pedestrian crossing when the lights were flashing on amber.

He also swerved around stationary vehicles waiting at this crossing.The defendant then turned onto St Andrews Road and though another red light traffic signal moving onto the wrong side of the road. As he passed ATS he narrowly avoidedcolliding with a silver hatchback. He continued onto Hitchin Street before forcing a white van travelling in the opposite direction to mount the kerb to avoid a collision.

He was also found to have no valid licence and no insurance.

On June 8

> Philip Braithwaite aged 72 of The Baulk, Beeston, was fined £235 and banned from driving for 18 months for drink driving in Beeston on February 4.

On June 9

> Gary Dodd aged 30 of Winston Crescent, Biggleswade, was fined a total of £445 and banned from driving for 17 months for driving while drunk in Sun Street, Biggleswade on May 11.

On June 13

> Robert Atkins aged 31 of Market Square, Biggleswade, was fined a total of £377.20 for failing to produce a train ticket at Sandy station on January 7.