Caught using deceased wife’s Blue Badge

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A council-led crackdown on Blue Badge disabled parking fraud has seen another driver successfully convicted for wrongful use of a disabled person’s badge.

Blue Badges allow a disabled individual to park in a disabled bay.

These allocated bays provide a fundamental lifeline for disabled people, allowing them to live independently and go about their daily lives more easily by giving them convenient priority parking spaces close to their destination. Each badge belongs to just one particular person. So it can only be displayed by another person if the badge holder is present and is being dropped off or collected.

However, Roy Warde of Old Warden, was caught in Market Square in Potton in Novemeber 2018, using a Blue Badge that belonged to his wife who had passed away two years earlier, and had been previously cancelled. Mr Warde pleaded guilty by post and was ordered to pay £330.

Councillor Richard Wenham, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Corporate Resources at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “It is a criminal offence for a person to wrongfully use a disabled parking badge. Blue Badge fraud is selfish and unacceptable.

“When somebody misuses a Blue Badge to park in a disabled bay it means that a much-needed parking space is unavailable to those who genuinely need close access to shops and services.

“We do not tolerate the wilful and fraudulent abuse of disabled Blue Badges. Our actions send a clear message to those attempting to abuse a system in place to help those who need to access on-street parking. We will continue to work hard to ensure disabled bays are only being used by those who need them most.”

The case concluded on May 21.

If you suspect someone of illegally using a Blue Badge for parking, you can report them to the council by calling 0300 300 8035 or by emailing