Ex-crime panel chairman stands by comments praising Beds Police and Crime Commissioner

The ex-chairman of Beds Police and Crime Panel has stood by his comments that the county’s police chief achieved the vast majority of her objectives.

By Euan Duncan
Monday, 29th June 2020, 9:08 am

The panel has formally responded to a complaint about Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Kathryn Holloway’s work, which was read out at a panel meeting on June 9.

The complainant Andrew Martin claimed that Mrs Holloway failed to achieve all the priorities in her police and crime plan, and made several accusations about expenses which have been firmly rebutted by her office.

But the email also directed a question to independent panel member and ex-chairman, Paul Cain.

Beds PCC Kathryn Holloway; (Inset) former crime panel chairman Paul Cain

The question was: “Can Mr Cain please explain why he claims, at panel meetings and in the media, that the PCC has achieved all the priorities in her plan when the evidence shows this not to be true?”

The panel’s formal reply to the email, released on June 18, stated: “As chairman of the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Panel, Mr Cain spent many hours over several years in the meetings of the panel.

“These were held in public and involved the on-going scrutiny of the progress of the PCC through documentary evidence provided by the commissioner’s office.

“All the information is publicly available and supports the conclusion that the vast majority of the PCC’s original pledges had been achieved.”

This response has been sent to Mr Martin, according to the panel clerk Jeremy Welch.

Mr Cain had made the comments praising Mrs Holloway in February this year, when she announced she would step down from her role at the next election.

He stated to the media: "It has been a real pleasure working with our elected PCC, Kathryn Holloway over the past 4 years simply because she has been such a driving force in leading and pushing for change over the period of her appointment. Whilst I am personally very sorry to see Kathryn leave office, she has left behind a huge legacy in all of the many areas she has delivered on.

"The original Police and Crime Plan issued within days of her appointment in 2016 has been fully delivered and we cannot underestimate the efforts she has continually placed behind lobbying for better funding for the force.

"Bedfordshire Police is in a very much better place today than it was 4 years ago due to her drive and determination, and the extra funding she has achieved."