Fined for assault

The scales of justice
The scales of justice

The latest court reports from Luton Magistrates court

On June 23

> Chris Beckett, aged 51, of Great North Road, Tempsford, was made the subject of a community order and fined a total of £485 for assaulting a man in Colmworth on October 30.

On June 26

> Darren Gordon, 51, of Newtown, Potton, was fined £234.93 after using a stolen debit card to buy fuel worth £124.93 in Biggleswade on May 2.

> Michael Blunck, 32, of Ripon Court, Biggleswade, was fined £248 and banned from driving for 14 days for using a mobile phone on the M5 at Wellington on December 9.

> Darren Hipgrave, 47, of Lyspitt Common, Meppershall, was fined a total of £275 and received six penalty points for driving without a licence or insurance in Upper Caldecote on December 5.

> Martyn Sankey, 45, of Poplar Close, Sandy, was fined a total of £35 and 
received three penalty points for speeding on the A1 at 
Beeston on December 13.

> Peter Wilson, 41, of 
Ramerick Gardens, Arlesey, was fined £811 and received six penalty points for failing to supply the name of the driver of his car alleged to have 
committed an offence in Woburn on November 29.

On June 27

> Ryan Collins, 23, c/o HMP The Mount, was committed to crown court for sentence after being found guilty of stealing a pedal bike in Biggleswade on May 7, failing to surrender to Luton Magistrates Court on two occasions, stealing dog leads worth £550 from Pets At Home in Biggleswade on May 25, stealing alcohol from the Co-Op in Biggleswade on May 21, stealing meat from the Co-op in Biggleswade on May 25, using threatening 
behaviour towards a woman in Biggleswade on May 25, 
and also using threatening 
behaviour towards several people in Biggleswade on various dates in May and June. He was also committed to prison for seven days for failing to comply with supervision requirements after previously being released from prison.