Masked man caused train chaos

Court news. EMN-150910-150125001
Court news. EMN-150910-150125001

Staff and passengers locked themselves into a waiting room after a man in a black mask threw a bicycle into the paths of two fast trains at Biggleswade railway station.

Intoxicated Lee Goddard roamed the platform muttering about God and sacrifices, Luton Crown Court was told on Friday.

Staff also tried to alert the trains about the obstruction on the line, but there was insufficient time. “They both hit the bike causing debris to be scattered everywhere. Some people felt they were struck by particles,” said prosecutor Kevin West.

But fortunately, said Judge Lynn Tayton QC the trains were not derailed and nobody was injured.

Homeless Goddard, 35, who comes from Doncaster, pleaded guilty to obstructing the railway, possessing an offensive weapon and threatening behaviour. He was jailed for 12 months.

Mr West told the court that the events happened on December 18 last year at about 6.30pm and the station was busy.

His appeareance and ranting was causing concern among staff and passengers. But then he left the London bound platform and returned with a BMX bike that he threw on the tracks.

Police arrived to arrest him but he continued to be aggressive. They found he was carrying a metal multi tool hammer, which he said he carried because people were after him.

Peter Jackson, defending said: “This case is pretty bizarre, but while throwing a bike on the line was obviously a serious thing to do it was unlikely to derail a train.

“Clearly some very strange things were going on in his mind that day.

“He has been held in custody for five months now, and his behaviour seems to have stabilised in that time.”

Judge Tayton said Goddard, who had numerous previous convictions, had been interviewed by a psychiatrist, but there was no recommendation that he be treated under a Hospital Order.

She said he had now pledged to take his prescribed medication on his release.