Mindless - and incontinent - vandals wreck Biggleswade charity store warning - graphic image


A Biggleswade charity has been targeted by mindless vandals twice over the Easter holidays.

Staff at Preen Community Interest Group on Sun Street arrived at work today (THursday) to find a window smashed and parts of the store trashed.



There was even human excrement left in the middle of the floor.

A furious Kathy Lewis, joint director of the social enterprise charity which helps disadvantaged local people with low cost reused furniture, hit out at the vandals.

“Thankfully the dribbling idiots couldn’t find the light switch so couldn’t see in the shop to do more damage. They don’t seem to have taken anything - just trashed the place.

“They have literally just broken in and made a mess,” she told the Chronicle.”It’s just so mindless.

“It makes it very hard for people who work hard to make this happen and then have to walk into this.”

The latest break in comes days after yobs smashed a window at the store.

“It’s really depressing,” said Kathy, who has been running the charity since 2007.

“They’ve not taken anything but they have trashed stuff in our electrics department and they have taken our first aid boxes and emptied them in the alleyway.

“They’ve taken scaffolding supports from a neighbour’s extension to break the window so they will have to check their house is now safe.”

“I’m heartily p*** off that all our hard work is treated with such contempt. We slog our guts out year in-year out to give some relief to people in distress. We use our money to care for the people governments should be looking after with your taxes. We get no help at all from them or any funder.”

And in an emotional Facebook post, Kathy slammed the parents of the vandals: “If you are responsible for breeding one of these drop kicks - shame on you and your diabolical parenting skills.”

The store is continuing to operate while staff clean up the damage and the community has also rallied round.

Within a couple of hours of the news breaking, one person had already come to the store to give a donation towards repairs and others were suggesting starting a fundraising page to repair the damage.

Police are also investigating, if you have any information call 101.