VIDEO: Gunman told shopworker: ‘I’m going to shoot you’

A Biggleswade shopkeeper has revealed how he took on an armed man who tried to rob his store yesterday.

Bobbi Gill, owner of the Bigglswade Express, was in the back room of his Shortmead Street store at around 7.30 when he spotted a man come into the store carrying a plastic bag.

He then took out a gun from the bag and told the shop assistant: “ I’m going to shoot you,” before heading for the cash till.

Bobbie rushed out and stood up to the gunman, while switching the lights off and on to disorientate him and shouting for police.

“He threatened to shoot me, I was egging him on on pure adrenaline,” said Bobbi, 35.

The gunman then fled but Bobbi then warned local businesses.

“I was very shaken up but I think its important to show solidarity in the community,” he said.

“I warned other businesses and in the lead up to Christmas people should be quite vigilant.”

Police are now investigating the raid.