Denise can turn your dog into a Good Citizen

Denise Price with some of her canine 'students'
Denise Price with some of her canine 'students'

When term starts in September, so do new dog training classes around the area, with qualified dog trainer Denise Price.

This is good news for local dog owners, bringing the Kennel Club ‘Good Citizen Dog Scheme’ to Central Bedfordshire.

Denise, who belongs to the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and the Guild of Dog Trainers, said: “I’ve combined the high standards of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme with modern dog training methods.

“So dog owners can learn how to have beautifully behaved dogs, how to be responsible pet owners, gain their Kennel Club certificates and awards, all taught using reward-based methods.

“The days of choke chains and squirty water bottles are long gone. Play, toys and lots of sausages figure highly in my training sessions. The emphasis is on fun and connection with your dog.

“In fact, I’ve organised an Interactive Play workshop with the renowned Craig Ogilvie for November, to make sure the fun factor stays high on the agenda.”

Denise says it’s important for people to choose an appropriately qualified dog trainer.

She said: “Ideally, they should look out for trainers who belong to a well-known organisation, such as the Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT) or the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT), as these have high standards and trainers have to pass assessments to become members.

“To be able to host Kennel Club GCDS classes, I had to be suitably experienced and offer references.

“They should also make sure the trainers keep up to date with the continuing professional development, such as attending seminars on canine first aid, nutrition and so on.”

Denise has classes starting in September in Clifton, Moggerhanger and Haynes.

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