Discover more about town’s German link

Erlensee sign - Biggleswade's twin town in Germany
Erlensee sign - Biggleswade's twin town in Germany

As Brexit hits the headlines, organisers of Biggleswade Twinning Association are asking residents to take a look at the town’s link with Europe.

Town twinning began after the Second World War in an effort to repair damaged relationships in Europe, to explore different cultures and build friendships.

Biggleswade started its twinning journey rather later than most, when after a lot of hard work by a few stalwarts a charter was signed on April 30, 2000 between Biggleswade, and Erlensee in Germany, marking the official twinning union of these two towns.

If you would like to find out more about this link you are welcome to attend the annual general meeting of Biggleswade Twinning Association on Monday, January 30 at 7.30pm at the town council offices, Saffron Road, Biggleswade, SG18 8DL.

Residents from both Erlensee and Biggleswade arrange exchange visits, mostly staying with hosts in each town, and are given a very warm welcome with lots of activities and celebrations.

Many lasting friendships have been made through Biggleswade Twinning and even a marriage, and students have had the opportunity to do work experience.

There is an ‘Erlensee Way’ on the new Kings Reach development and in Erlensee a ‘Biggleswade Strasse’.

Erlensee is 46km from Frankfurt and its nearest larger town is Hanau. It is of similar size to Biggleswade with common features such as housing developments, retails outlets and local industry.

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