‘Don’t let Biggleswade fly-tippers get away with their mess!’

Biggleswade fly-tipping. Credit: Dr Hayley Whitaker.
Biggleswade fly-tipping. Credit: Dr Hayley Whitaker.

A Biggleswade councillor is urging the public to keep their eagle-eyes out for fly-tipping, as cases are on the rise.

Dr Hayley Whitaker, Independent Councillor for Biggleswade South, is worried about the recent increase and is asking residents to keep watch.

She said: “A few months ago, we had a huge issue with fly-tipping. It was near Sainsbury’s and in lots of different locations. Now it seems to have come back again.

“It’s terrible. There’s been ripped-out kitchens or bathrooms, tiles, plaster, floorboards, everything.”

Cllr Whitaker warned there is also a danger that people could dump asbestos, which would need a specialist to clean it up.

Indeed, Central Bedfordshire Council advises that people do not touch waste, as it could be dangerous or may contaminate evidence.

Cllr Whitaker added: “CBC are really good at clearing things up quickly. They look out for CCTV, or something [on the objects] with a name or address.”

If you see fly-tipped waste, or witness someone in the act of fly-tipping, the council will need to know: if there are any vehicles involved (please note registration numbers); what you saw; where the fly-tip is; and when you saw the fly-tipping (the day, date and time).

CBC will also need to know your name, your address and a contact telephone number, as they or their contractors may need to get in touch to help their investigation.

To report fly-tipping, call 0300 300 8302, or email customer.services@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.