Dunton unclear on broadband

  • A Dunton businessman is struggling because of the lack of superfast broadband
  • He has been in talks with Central Beds and BT since October of last year
  • BT have yet to make a definitive decision on broadband in the area

The lack of superfast broadband in Dunton is having a negative impact on the residents in the area and one businessman in particular.

Rick Fraser, who works from home and has to regularly download big sized files, finds it almost impossible to do with the current broadband speeds in the area.

However, BT have yet to make a decision in implementing superfast broadband in the area.

Matt Pyecroft, the Development Programme Manager, at Central Beds Council, said: “The Dunton exchange is currently ‘at risk’ in the BT commercial roll out plan.

“We are continuing to liaise with BT to get this resolved one way or the other – either to get it included in their plan or make it eligible under State Aid rules.”

However this has not gone down well with the residents of Dunton who have been trying to rectify the issue since March 2013 and were told they would have the broadband by December last year.

Rick said: “That’s not good news for us who really need the superfast for work.

“I am a support engineer and frequently have to download and upload relatively huge files (2-4 Gb) that take hours because of the current speeds.”

Rick has been in conversation with Central Beds Council regarding the issue since last October but very little progress has been made.

It is understood that the providers, BT, had originally planned to deliver superfast broadband to the Dunton area but commercially made the decision not to late last year.

There will also be an impact on other places in Dunton such as the Lower School who would also benefit greatly from having superfast broadband speeds.

Rick added: “I really do need this service to make my work tenable – if anything can be done to get moving on getting us superfast broadband it would be greatly appreciated.

“I do not want to move and I want to keep my current job as well.”