DVD tells story of tiny church’s restoration

Caldecote Church
Caldecote Church

Caldecote Church Friends have released a DVD as part of a drive to raise funds for the church’s restoration.

St Mary Magdalene, Caldecote, is in a tiny hamlet near Newnham in north Hertfordshire.

The church measures 51ft by 14½ft and is probably the smallest church in Hertfordshire.

In 1975 the church was declared redundant, and passed into the care of a small charity called The Friends of Friendless Churchess.

For many years it was sadly neglected and in disrepair.

In 2006, a small group of volunteers, Caldecote Church Friends, was formed, with the two objectives of fundraising for the necessary major restoration works and increasing public awareness of this tiny mediaeval church.

Now Ben Robbins, a noted composer and record producer, has compiled a DVD, in which his uncle, Peter Robbins, a member of Caldecote Church Friends, narrates the story of the church and its restoration, and gives a visual tour.

The DVD costs £12 from Peter Robbins, 89 Old Hale Way, Hitchin, Herts SG7 5LE. Please make cheques payable to Peter Robbins.

For more details, email peterrobbins89@sky.com or call 01462 433773.

See www.caldecotechurchfriends.org.uk