An arty finale to the end of school year

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Children at Robert Peel Lower School had a spectacular and creative time during their recent Arts Week.

There were lots of fun activities and the children were able to take part in a host of new experiences.

On Monday the children all learnt a famous poem that they recited during a special assembly.

On Tuesday Widdershin’s Puppet Theatre performed ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ to the school.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and went on to make their own puppets in their classrooms. During Tuesday afternoon the school hall was transformed into an art gallery where all of the children’s artwork had been framed and mounted and was on display to share with parents at the end of the day.

On Thursday a number of pupils from Sandy Upper School visited to perform with a variety of musical instruments and to sing a selection of songs.

There was a piano recital, a drum solo and guitarists in action. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening to some of their favourite songs and were impressed by the quality of the musicians from Sandy Upper.

In the afternoon it was time for Robert Peel’s annual ‘Proms in the Playground’ where parents were invited along to watch their children performing some of their favourite summer songs.

There was a huge turnout of parents and everyone had a fun time in the sunshine.

On Friday there was another visit from students from Sandy Upper.

This time the children were treated to a wonderful dance performance. After the performance the Sandy Upper students stayed behind to host a series of workshops with Robert Peel’s Year 3 pupils. At the end there was a performance for the Year 3s showing what they had learnt during the morning. It was a wonderful example of two schools in the town working closely together.

The whole week was a great success for everyone involved and the children learnt a host of new creative skills. Robert Peel’s Music Leader Mrs Kearsley said: “It has been wonderful to see the children enjoying themselves so much this week whilst being so creative.”