Youngsters help make a difference


Community minded pupils from Edward Peake Middle School in Biggleswade are taking part in a special project.

The Key Stage 3 youngsters were given the chance to get involved in a community project and help make a difference.

Head of Year 8 Trude Jeffs explained: “Last year all Year 8 were involved as I felt that they could benefit from being involved in something where there was no material reward.

“Many Year 7 had approached me and asked why they didn’t do a community project, so in September I decided that it would all be on a purely voluntary basis and see where it went.

“I am delighted with the commitment that many have made. They truly are discovering that altruistic actions do have their own reward.”

The youngsters are now involved in three projects.

Playground Leaders will see them help pupils socialise at lunchtimes, look after playground equipment, fundraise for additional equipment. They will also help to make the playground a more nviting place to spend time.

The pupils will also visit Northill Lower School, speak to the pupils and staff and ask if there is any equipment that they would like that we could fundraise for.

Playground leaders are on duty every lunchtime

Operation Alleyway will see the pupils taking care of the alleyway leading to Edward Peake. Work will include weeding, collecting litter, writing letters to the local residents and council, fundraising, planting shrubs and plants, painting fences and walls, and campaigning for improved lighting.

Trude said: “The pupils have begun the tidying by collecting litter and weeding the beds closest to school. In the spring we will plant flowers and shrubs to brighten the alleyway.”

The third project will see the children fundraising for Biggleswade Library and Biggleswade Hspital.

Two bake sales have already happened before Christmas where £90 was raised and the pupils are currently planning two film shows where they hope to raise at least £200 towards their £1,000 target.

Trude said: “It has been a great initiative and I am delighted with the way that our pupils have responded by wanting to contribute something positive to their community without thought of reward for themselves except a sense of pride in having achieved something for others to benefit from.”