Electrical fault discovered in certain make of iPhone and Android chargers

A mobile accessory and battery manufacturer has recalled a batch of USB wall chargers over safety concerns.

The chargers in question
The chargers in question

Energizer said it had been made aware of an electrical defect which could pose a potential safety risk and as a result is recalling two products. One can be used to charge Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads via their Lightning connection, while the other provides Micro USB connection used by most other mobile manufacturers.

The affected products are micros USB and Apple Lightning variants of its Energizer 3.1 AMP Ultimate dual USB charger, model numbers AC2UUNUMC2 and AC2UUNUiP5. These products were sold in the UK after 1st November 2015.

Parent company Avenir Telecom has asked anyone who has bought one of the chargers to stop using it immediately. Customers can arrange to return the product to the manufacturer either via its website www.energizeyourdevice.com/savinfo, by calling 01233 652011 or emailing [email protected] You will be sent a free post envelope in order to return the product.

Customers will then be offered either a voucher for other mobile accessories or a refund.