Appeal to help find missing tame barn owl

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A Langford family is desperately searching for their missing barn owl.

Ian and Linda Taylor have been out every night in the area since their owl, Skye, escaped from their home in Prospect Road.

Ian, who has had owls for years, was given Skye as a two week old chick last year.

“She’s that tame she could land on someone she thinks might feed her is she’s hungry,” said Linda. “We’ve been out every night looking for her but it’s strange we have had no sightings.”

Skye, who is usually kept in their home or their outside aviary, escaped through an open window last Thursday.

“She is hand fed and enjoys being stroked and sits on our shoulders. She lives indoors with us and is used to living with a dog and cat.”

The couple are concerned people could be caught unawares if she tries to land on them, and inadvertently hurt her.

“Our concern is that Skye may approach someone and land on their shoulder, this could be a dog walker as she is used to dogs and she could be harmed if people panic because they think that she is attacking them. Skye may also be kept by someone who finds her as she is so friendly and if not found, she may not survive in the wild due to being captive bred,” said Linda.

She has jesses and rings on and is on the Independent Bird Register.

“She will come to us if she hears us calling, but until we get a sight of her we can’t do anything,” said Linda.

Local bird enthusiasts have been asked to keep an eye out for her, and anyone who has a barn is being asked to check if she’s there.

Barn owls mainly come out at dusk but will not usually fly if it is wet. Their usual cry is a loud shriek.

If you see Skye call Linda on 07984 759058,

There is also a community event to help look for her. Go to for more information