Bin misery’s just rubbish

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Residents of flats in Biggleswade’s High Street are up in arms over their bins.

The flats, above shops, do not have designated areas to leave their council bins.

Following advice from Central Beds Council, they are being left in nearby 
alleyways. But this means they are being used by 
passers-by – and refuse collectors are then not emptying them because they are full of non-recyclable items.

Rebecka Wadey, 23, who lives above the Tanning 
Factory in High Street, said the bins have been stolen, had their lids taken or are too full with other people’s rubbish and not emptied.

She said hers was stolen within two months of her moving in and not replaced until recently, despite her several calls to the council.

“The fourth time, they said we should use a big bin by a block of flats, but we then received a letter from them telling us we couldn’t use it or we would be fined!”

She said the council has also told her and her 
partner they should use the Biggleswade tidy tip, but 
neither has transport.“We have rotting food; it’s a health and safety issue,” she added.

“Bins aren’t being 
emptied because they are 
being filled by people walking down the alleyway.

“Non-recycling stuff is 
being put in it, so it’s not being collected. They are more used as a public bin rather than a private one.

“We are paying for a service that we are not getting.”

Neighbours have also reported issues. One said: “I usually put my bin out on a Wednesday night. Usually people will add rubbish to it, which I don’t mind as long as its the right rubbish.

“Last recycling day, my bin didnt get emptied, as a bin bag of rubbish was added.

“I took it out and rung the council to explain that I 
needed the bin emptying.

“I recycle loads; they were meant to get back to me and never did.

“I had my bin nicked a 
couple of months ago too.”

Councillor Budge Wells said: “We understand how frustrating this is, but our bin collectors will not 
empty any recycling bins that are overloaded or have the wrong materials in them.

“A waste service officer is investigating to see if these recycling bins can either be collected from a more discreet point or if we can change to an orange sack only collection.”