Help to unlock the secrets of the Greensand Ridge

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Your help is needed in unlocking the secrets of the Greensand Ridge.

The ancient heritage trail, which runs from Gamlingay to Leighton Buzzard, is changing all the time, and a unique scheme wants to help map that change.

‘Secrets of the Sands’ is the Landscape Partnership for the Ridge, funded by a Heritage Lottery grant.

The heritage of this scenery has been gradually declining for decades, due to the changing economics of land use, and modern built development.

The project brings key partners together to reverse some of this decline, raise awareness among local people and visitors, and involve them in creating a sustainable future. Bedfordshire Rural Community Charity and the Greensand Trust are leading the project.

They want to hear what makes the Greensand Ridge special to help build a record of our changing landscape.

You can download the free app ‘Rate my View’ from the App Store or Google Play and use it to take a photo of your favourite place on the Ridge and then say why it is special to you. 

Your GPS location will help the project leaders pinpoint the location. 

Pictures will be added to the Rate My View website at You will also be able to see how everyone else views our local land scape. By taking part you will be helping add a valuable piece to ridge jigsaw.