History revealed, one tile at a time on mosaic trail

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The history of Chronicle country has been taking shape, thanks to a unique scheme to bring a mosaic trail to the area.

Over the past four weeks, mosaic workshops have been running at Biggleswade library and Sandy and Potton town council offices.

The morning and afternoon workshops have had more than 200 people from all walks of the community taking part.

Joining councillors, ward councillors and Central Bedfordshire council officials have been people of all ages from Sandy, Potton and Biggleswade.

Each week has seen the mosaics take shape and in the final week everything seems to have fallen into place.

Everybody taking part started with no knowledge or practice in mosaic making, yet within a short space of time they were starting to discuss and make decisions about placing or rearranging mosaic tiles.

Some preferred to cut, others to stick and the more attention to detail people would alter where appropriate.

The groups have been working on five different mosaic panels, one of which will be unveiled in Sandy this coming October.

The other four will be unveiled in Potton and Biggleswade in February 2018.

The Sandy mosaic illustrates Captain Sir William Peel’s steam and sail ship the HMS Shannon. Sir William was the third son of Prime Minister Robert Peel and a recipient of the Victoria Cross,

He died at the age of 33 in 1858, having taken part in the Crimean War and the Indian Mutiny.

The Potton mosaic is a huge map showing famous landmarks in the town. Two sections have been made in the summer workshops, the other two are being made in term time by pupils at The Potton Federation School.

At Biggleswade the two mosaic panels being made there illustrate the Coming of the Train and Eels, Crayfish and Barge, a reference to how goods were transported down and across the country by river and canals prior to the Age of Steam.

Story in Stone is made available by Central Bedfordshire Council as part of a £4 million market town regeneration scheme and is managed by Sandy Town Council.

For further information please see: www.storyinstone.org.uk and www.buddmosaics.co.uk.

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