Petition calls for sports funding for Potton


A petition is demanding Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) hand back sports pitch funding to Potton.

In September 2016, CBC approved a planning application from Cala Homes for 90 houses on Sandy Road, Potton. A Section 106 (S106) agreement allocated £42,000 of funding for “provision and improvement of sports, playing pitch and 3G facilities at Biggleswade”.

But a project to bring a £250,000 3G pitch to Potton has since been set-up, run between Potton Colts FC and the Potton Federation and they are asking for the cash to be reallocated back to Potton.

Cala Homes has also written to CBC.

Potton Colts FC said: “We are extremely disappointed to hear that not only are sports projects in Biggleswade attracting S106 money from developers in Biggleswade but now also from Potton! Surely any developers money from developments in Potton should stay in Potton, therefore we are petitioning that this money is re allocated to our town.

“We have campaigned with the local school for a 3G sports pitch that our children and our local community can use year round for sports participation. We have worked tirelessly over the past few months to ensure our planned facility meets the needs of all in Potton and CBC confirmed that this project would be within the delivery plan for the area and in turn would attract developers contribution through the S106 monies.”

Cllr Adam Zerny said: “I believe CBC’s refusal to allocate the money to Potton risks losing the money completely given the developer could say they do not wish the money to go to a project which is not directly affected by their development”.

You can sign the petition at Cameron’s in Market Square, Potton or at the town’s BP garage on Biggleswade Road.