Ex-wife’s message to missing Leonard: ‘We love and care for you very much’

Missing Leonard Scott and ex-wife Eileen.
Missing Leonard Scott and ex-wife Eileen.

The ex-wife of a man who has been missing since New Year’s Day has appealed for him to get in touch.

Eileen Scott was married to Leonard Scott for 35 years, spending four of those years living in Luton and 31 years in Flitwick together, before they separated in early 2013. Despite the split the pair have remained close.

In an appeal directly to Leonard, Eileen said: “No matter how you’re feeling, however alone you may think you are, please know that your family, your friends, and me, love and care for you very much and want to see you safe and well.”

The 64 year old’s red Nissan Juke car was discovered abandoned in the car park of the Anchor Inn in Great Barford on January 1.

It is believed that Leonard, who is described by Eileen as having a great sense of humour, has no money or phone with him.

Eileen said: “This is a very sad situation and a difficult time for those of us who know and care for Leonard. He spent Christmas with his family, and although he did have some emotional issues, his disappearance is completely out-of-character and unexpected.”

Leonard has been missing now for almost two weeks but, despite extensive police investigations, officers have been unable to find him.

Eileen said: “Although Leonard was living in Hitchin when he disappeared, he had spent the majority of his life in Bedfordshire, so I’m urging the public in Bedfordshire to cast their minds back to the end of December to see if they can remember seeing him.

“He went missing in Great Barford so there is a real possibility that someone in Bedfordshire has seen him recently and may know something that could help us find him.”

Eileen said despite the couple’s separation she has never stopped caring for Leonard and said: “I have never stopped caring for him and there has never been anyone else in my life.

“We had some wonderful times together, travelling the world and enjoying our shared passions for the outdoors, theatre and art. I’m desperate to know that he is safe and that’s why I’m appealing for help.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference BP-01012016-0190.