Explosive find in gran’s garden!

The grenade was found in the front garden of a house in Old Warden
The grenade was found in the front garden of a house in Old Warden

A grandmother is unlikely to get many volunteers to help her with her ongoing garden landscaping project – after the discovery of a hand 
grenade in the soil at the weekend!

That surprise find follows the unearthing of live ammunition at Jane Orr-Campbell’s Old Warden garden earlier this month.

Jane, of The Village, was landscaping her front garden when the discoveries were made, just weeks apart.

She has praised Bedfordshire Police for the quick response to the discovery of the live ammunition three weeks ago and the hand grenade, which was found on Saturday afternoon.

She said: “The police were here within ten minutes on Saturday, I was still on the phone with 101 when the first officers arrived.

“Then more officers arrived and the firearms officers and then the bomb squad came, they took it to a safe place.

“It was the second time they have had to come out to us, two weeks ago we found live ammunition in a different area of the garden.

“The scary thing is, where the grenade was found - where the pond will be – is where my grandsons were digging just last week.”

Bedfordshire Police sent officers to the property in Old Warden on both occasions.

A spokesman for the force said: “At approximately 1.15pm on Sunday 26 March we received a report of what is believed to be two historic bullets which were found in the garden of a property in Old Warden. Officers attended and secured the finding, which was not found to be dangerous, and was later safely disposed of.

“Last Saturday (22 April) at approximately 2.40pm we received a report of a historic hand grenade being found in the garden of a property in Old Warden.

“Bedfordshire Police and EOD attended the address. The device was transported to a nearby field and was securely disposed of shortly after 6pm.

Jane added: “We are very happy with the way the police responded on both occasions.

“We have been told we can continue with the work in the garden, but with caution.

“A metal detector has been used and there is a lot of metal in the garden, but it cannot be identified while it is underground.

“We are looking for anyone that can help us with digging in the garden as we are a bit stuck now, my grandsons are now banned from digging out there.

“We did have another young lad who was helping us but he may not be able to anymore, his mum is a bit reluctant to let him, understandably after what has been found.”