Extension plans at art deco style middle school

A middle school is looking to expand its building.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 19th May 2014, 12:20 pm
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Robert Bloomfield Academy in Shefford has submitted a planning application requesting permission to construct a new block to the front of the current building in Bloomfield Drive.

It would house a new visitors’ reception area, staff offices and a learning resource centre.

There is currently a shortage of administrative space for staff.

The application says: “Currently the main entrance is used by staff, some students and visitors.

“The proposal intends to divert visitors from using the same entrance as the staff and students by creating a visible and easily identified new entrance.”

The appearance of the extension will link to the art deco design of the original building.

It will “respond directly to the existing built form and fabric by using a wide variety of the same facing materials to the walls, roof and fenestration, although in different arrangements and quantities.”

The report continues: “Although the scheme will contain direct material and formal references to the existing building it will be an obvious and bold addition to the facade of the school.”